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Best Seasons to Travel to Bhutan

Best Seasons to Travel to Bhutan

The best months to travel to Bhutan is March to June and September to October. Though it is in the subtropical zone, Bhutan features greatly different climates in different places due to its terrain of varied altitudes and Indian Ocean warm and humid monsoon airflow. The major tourist destinations in Bhutan are in the lower places, and hence can cater to tourists all year round. And in March to June and September to October, the climate is more pleasant.

In Bhutan, you can see the different natural landscapes, including that of the plateau cold zone, the northern temperate zone, the subtropical zone and even the tropical zone. It can mainly be divided into three climate zones.

1. Northern alpine climate zone: With an altitude of over 5,000 meters, the zone is sparsely populated. The climate there is very similar to that of Tibet in China. Except for adventurers and hikers, the zone is rarely visited by tourists.

2. Middle temperate climate zone: The altitudes of this area are somewhere between 2000 and 3000 meters. The climate is mild and pleasant. It is not hot in summer and not too cold in winter. And even so, the best seasons visiting there are autumn and spring.

The middle region is also the most developed region, where includes the major regular tourist routes.

3. Southern Subtropical Climate Zone: The altitude is less than 1500 meters. The climate is hot, rainy and humid. The region is rich in trees and abundant in rain. It is the main area for grain producing.

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