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Dressing Guide in Bhutan

Dressing Guide in Bhutan

Though it is in the subtropical zone, Bhutan features greatly different climates in different places due to its terrain of varied altitudes and Indian Ocean warm and humid monsoon airflow. And it also boasts a large day and night temperature difference. Hence, it’s essential for tourists to pack some thick clothes.

Of course, the climate also varies in different seasons. And we will give you the dressing suggestions before the tour, and you can pack clothes accordingly.

As a religious country, Bhutan holds a more conservative view in dressing, especially that of women’ s. Therefore, you’d better not dress too scantily.

Shorts are also not recommended for women. It is important to wear long pants or long skirts over the knees. While visiting important religious sites, you need to wear solemnly and take off your hats and shoes.

In addition, do not wear clothes with patterns that are against the teaching of Buddhism, which shows disrespect to Bhutanese.

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