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Shopping in Bhutan

Shopping in Bhutan

There are many handicraft workshops in Bhutan. Traditional craftsmen use the simple tools to make delicate handicrafts, which are now seen as must-buy souvenirs for tourists traveling to Bhutan.

Hand-woven Textiles

The textile industry, among Bhutan’s most famous industries, has won reputation from the rest of the world. Natural materials like cotton, yak hair, wool and silk are normally used to weave cloth with varied patterns.


Jewelry is widely worn by Bhutanese women. Made by using precious stones, silver, bronze and gold, skilled craftsmen create intricate ornaments.

A community of goldsmith makes articulate things like Betel Nut Containers, Mugs, Cups, Vases, Unique Bowls, Lights, Sheaths & Swords and Adornments like Arm Ornaments, Pins, Necklaces, Ear Rings, and so many things that hold up the ladies. These beautifully crafted ornaments can be taken as souvenirs or gift at special events.

Wooden crafts

Wooden bowls and other wooden crafts in Bhutan are made from laurels and other precious trees. With their bright colors and delicate designs, these wooden crafts are not only of pratical use, but are also perfect for decoration.

Cane and Bamboo Items

Recent years have seen the wildly-used cane and Bamboo items become popular with tourists. Bhutanese use cane wares to serve food and snacks, while bamboo items are normally used to decorate the woodwares. The cane and bamboo items are perfect gifts for your friends.


A thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, silk appliqué, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. Most thangkas were intended for personal meditation or instruction of monastic students. They often have elaborate compositions including many very small figures.

The brightly painted thangkas in Bhutan are also good choices as souvenirs for your tour to Bhutan.

Postal Stamps

As the world's famous "stamp country", Bhutan is known for the unusual designs and materials of its stamps. The postal stamps are made with detailed images, bright colours and vibrant pictures.

There is a souvenir shop at the post office headquarter where you can buy stamps with unique designs.


The natural Bhutan honey is pure raw and of premium quality. Bhutan’s Honey is known for its natural benefits and higher antioxidant contents.

The largest handicraft shop in Thimphu is LUNGLA HANDICRAFT

Opp.General Post Office Building,Chang Lam,Post Box No.1370,Thimphu-11001,Bhutan


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