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Rules for Tourists in Bhutan

Rules for Tourists in Bhutan

Every country in the world has its own cultural traditions. When travelling to another country, you’re supposed to accept the local culture and customs. The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country with unique culture, beliefs and folk customs. Although Bhutan is still poor and backward, Bhutanese care little about the materials, instead they weigh a lot on the protection of the traditional culture. They are not sophisticated but very friendly to foreigners.

When you travel to Bhutan, you shall not give the local people medicines, candy, food and other things unless the tour guide give you consent.

The Bhutanese government attaches great importance to its cultural protection. It is illegal to buy cultural relics without permission from the government. Taking pictures is high on agenda for many foreign tourists. But travelling in such a religious country, you need to notice that photographing is forbidden in religious temples and sites.

On top of that, before taking pictures of the Bhutanese, you have to ask for their consent. Or, the local people may feel being offended.

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