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Special Rules for Traveling to Bhutan

Special Rules for Traveling to Bhutan

Unlike most countries in the world, Bhutan boasts strict and special regulations in tourism out of environmental protection. The Bhutanese government stipulates that foreign tourists shall firstly apply to a travel agency that is licensed by the Bhutanese government and is qualified to cater to foreigners. The travel agency then issues you a visa form and submits relevant materials like personal information of the tourist and the travel itinerary to the government.

The Bhutanese government also rules that the airline shall require the passengers to provide visa application documents issued by the government before tickets being sold to foreigners. The government also stipulates that foreign tourists are not allowed to travel there on their own, instead they need to join tour groups with a tour guide accompanied.

Bhutan has followed a policy of sustained growth which translates into a high value, low volume tourism policy. The Bhutan government has actively managed visitors in keeping with the policy. And there is also a rule that additional fees are required, if the number of the tourists in a group is less than 4 people. Tour costs including accommodations, entrance tickets and tour guide remunerations need to be paid in full amount before the trip.

If you're interested in Bhutan tourism, you’d better be well-prepared in advance. You can ask us questions any time you want, and we are always ready to offer you information.

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