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Tipping in Bhutan

Tipping in Bhutan

Generally speaking, it is recommended to tip in Bhutan, given the fact that tour guides and drivers already have generous income as their government sets the expensive standard for tourism. But as more and more western tourists visit there, tipping has gradually become a norm.

Therefore, it’s suggested that you can tip appropriately, maybe 5 dollars per day, a common standard for tipping in South Asia.

Generally, you will be accompanied by the same tour guide and often the same driver all the way in your tour in Bhutan. Hence, giving a certain amount of tip to them can showcase your appreciation and respect to them. And for tourists who go for hiking or trekking, tipping the guide and the staff accompanied is really necessary.

Whether to tip depends on you. We will always provide you the premium service. If there is anything else you want to know about Bhutan tourism, you’re welcomed to ask us.

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