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Bhutan Food

Bhutan Food

Eating is the least thing you should worry about in Bhutan. The country is almost devoid of pollution, and no pesticides are used for locally grown food and vegetables. So when you travel to Bhutan, you can eat green food and pollution-free natural food every day. Even the dining tables and chairs are made of natural wood. The feed for all animals is also natural. The traditional food of Bhutanese contains mainly beef, pork, vegetables and rice. Their favorite vegetable is pepper. And their daily beverage is the salty milk tea.

To accommodate tourists from different places, the food we provide is less spicy than the local food. If you have other requirements, we will work to meet them.

We usually offer buffets with at least 6 dishes. Beef, pork, fish, and a variety of vegetables are for you to choose. Vegetables mainly contain beans, carrots, fungus, peppers, etc. The restaurants also adopt western cooking style.

The breakfast is also generous, filled with milk, eggs, bread, fresh vegetables. It’s no overstated to say that food in Bhutan will never disappoint you.

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