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India Join-in Group Tours

Join our India group tours (1-12pax) and share the costs with like-minded travel companions from all over the world. We will try our best to be sure to find agreeable travelers on your plan date while lowering the cost (saving up to 40%) and meeting your budget. The join-in group trip itineraries below are hand-picked by our India specialist and carefully arranged by our long-term local partners. Our India travel consultants will handle your trip from start to finish. Our reliable India guides and drivers are always ready to offer friend-like service while helping you to discover real India-like locals. Also, our India group trips are available whether you are a solo traveler to India, or with some friends or families with fewer than 12 people.

India Golden Triangle Tour 7Days
Departure Dates:
Tour Code:IND-AGroup Size:1-12 pax
  • Tour Guide:English-speaking
  • Meals:Breakfasts
  • Accommodations:6Nights,3-Star hotels


43 Pax Booked

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India Golden Triangle with Varanasi Tour 9Days
Departure Dates:
Tour Code:IND-BGroup Size:1-12 pax
  • Tour Guide:English-speaking
  • Meals:Breakfasts
  • Accommodations:8Nights,3-Star hotels


Pax Booked

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Amazing India Rajasthan Tour 12Days
Departure Dates:
Tour Code:IND-CGroup Size:1-12 pax
  • Tour Guide:English-speaking
  • Meals:Breakfasts
  • Accommodations:11Nights,3-Star hotels


89 Pax Booked

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India Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur 9Days
Departure Dates:
Tour Code:IND-DGroup Size:1-12 pax
  • Tour Guide:English-speaking
  • Meals:Breakfasts
  • Accommodations:8Nights,3-Star hotels


72 Pax Booked

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India Join-in Group Tours FAQ

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  • 1. What are the guidelines for a trip to India after COVID-19? faq

    The government of India has amended the protocols for international travelers as mentioned below:

    1)Submit a self-declaration form on the Air Suvidha portal.
    2)Mention the date of vaccination or RT PCR test conducted, while filling the Self-declaration form.
    3)Carry the negative report of the COVID-19 RT-PCR test conducted within 72 hrs before undertaking the journey, (to be verified by Airport officials OR Carry a Certificate of completing *full primary vaccination schedule of COVID-19 vaccination (to be verified by Airport officials).
    4)Exit the airport or take connecting flights, upon arrival in India
    5)Self-monitor their health for the next 14 days of arrival.
    2% of passengers per flight will be randomly tested upon arrival. If such passengers are found to be symptomatic or tested positive, shall be managed as per laid down standard protocol.

    *Countries that exempt Indian citizens fully vaccinated with Nationally recognized or WHO-recognized vaccines are allowed for relaxation under the Certificate of completing the full primary vaccination schedule of COVID-19 vaccination.

    Check the links to read more:

    Guidelines for International Arrivals 10th Feb.2022

    List of countries 18th Aug. 2022

  • 2. How to apply India E-vias? faq

    Citizens of 206 countries can now apply for tourist E-Visas online!

    1)Apply online: upload photo and passport page.
    2)Pay e-visa fee online: using a credit/debit card/payment wallet.
    3)Receive ETA Online: Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Will be sent to your e-mail.
    4)Fly to India: Print ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where e-Visa will be stamped on passport.

    Note: The official website( is the only place to apply for e-Visa Services. It is advised not to believe or fall into trap of any such unscrupulous elements who claim speedy/express grant of e-Visa and charge money for it.

    Check the links to read more:

    206 Countries who are eligible to avail of India e-Visa

    Sample Form for India e-Visa

    E-tourist visa_fee

  • 3. When is the best time to visit India? faq

    Usually from Oct. to Mar. is the best time to travel to India, as the weather is pleasant in most parts of the country. As India has a diverse geographical region, our India travel adviser will recommend the best travel season according to your India trip plan and destinations. For example, in the southern zones, the winter months (November to March) are great to do game viewing in the national parks. In the north region, summers are an excellent time to visit the Himalayas. Even during the monsoon months (Jul. to Sept.), a visit to Rajasthan can not be bad as you can stay at Luxury or Palace hotels without spending a fortune.

  • 4. Any useful tips for traveling in India? faq

    Prepare yourself for culture shock; Bring diarrhea tablets with you; Cover yourself and dress conservatively; Take off your shoes before entering a temple; Understand the Indian head waggle; Learn how to bargain; Watch out for pickpockets; Understand that personal space Isn't the same as what You are used to; Carry hand sanitizer and toilet paper; Don't expect things to happen on time; Couples, avoid public displays of affection; Learn how to eat with your hands; Count your change very carefully; Don't forget travel insurance; Be careful when walking on the sidewalk.

  • 5. What clothes should I pack for an India tour? faq

    India is a country with a large size and the climatic conditions vary from hot and dry summers to extremely cold winters in the north, while with tropical weather in the south. It could be warmer on the days and cooler in the evenings, so a light jacket or layering is best to accommodate the varying temperatures. When visiting religious monuments and shrines both men and women should dress a little more conservatively, so do remember to pack some long skirts and long pants(shoulders and knees should always be covered). For a visit to North India from Nov. to Feb., a light sweater or jacket will be fine. For Dec. and Jan., it can be very cold and a wool sweater will help. From Sept. to Apri. with a trip to the Himalayas, woolens will be needed. For the rest of the country, light clothes and jackets for hilly areas will be good.

  • 6. Is India a safe country? Can I visit India as a solo female traveler? faq

    India is safe to travel and it is as secure as any other foreign country you visit for the first time. It is a big country with a very low crime rate. Sure, it is a good habit to be aware of your surroundings. Be sure your purse is zipped and wallets are in sealed pockets. Avoid traveling late at night, especially in deserted areas or small towns. For your tour to India with us, you will be assisted by our India representative as well as our driver. Our local guides and operators will also make sure that your tour in India is safe and a great experience. Indians are very hospitable and helpful people to ensure you a safe journey, so no worry even for the solo female traveler.

  • 7. Is water safe to drink in India? faq

    Yes, but in India, people do not drink water from the tap directly. Bottled water is recommended, but do remember to always check the seal. In train for brushing or flossing use bottled water.

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