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How to apply Bhutan Visa ?

4 Steps to Get Your Bhutan Visa

The full payment of your Bhutan tour (SDF) is the first thing required to apply for Bhutan Visa. When the payment reach the Tourism Council of Bhutan, a approval letter will be offered for your visa process. With the letter, the local agency will make the final visa application.
Note: It's unable to pay in installments. The full payment should be done for the visa.
After you do the full payment, do remember to send the scanned copy of your passport to your agency by e-mail. Please make sure the copies you provide to us are colored and clear to view.
Since all procedures are doing online, it is no need for you to send the original passport to your Bhutan travel agency.
Note: Be sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity.
After getting the final application from your Bhutan tour agency, the Department of Immigration of Bhutan will issue a visa clearance letter within 72 working hours. You should expect only between 10 to 3 days before your departure, which comes as an electronic document in your e-mail inbox.
Note: Do print your Bhutan visa clearance letter out, as it is needed to check-in at the airport.
At your point of entry, no matter in the Paro International airport or on the land border with India, the Bhutan visa will be stamped into your passport. Kindly note that the Initial Reference letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not valid for travel. Note: Any passengers without a valid visa clearance letter (do print it out in advance) will be denied at the check-in counter.

Get Bhutan Visa by Simple Online Application

Bhutan Visa is required for all international tourists to Bhutan, except for those who travel to Bhutan with a passport from India, Bangladesh, and Maldivian.

Unlike visas for most countries, Bhutan Visa can be only applied online. Even you could find a Bhutanese consulate or embassy. When there are, they do not provide visa services.

As a fact, there is no other way to apply for a Bhutan visa other than through a local travel agency or one of their international partners, which offer you the full travel service in Bhutan. An individual application is not accepted by the Bureau.

With our partner in Bhutan, we have successfully obtained Bhutan Visa during the past decades. We offer various kinds of trips in Bhutan together with Bhutan Visa application. To make the puzzling things clear, we are going to provide the ultimate guide to get your Bhutan visa online.

Bhutan Visa Application Requirements

  • 1. Need to be Required through a Local Travel Agency.
  • 2. Pay the Full Bill of Your Bhutan Tour.
  • 3. Clear Scanned Copy of Your Passport.
  • 4. Your Passport with at least Six Months Validity at the Point of Arrival in Bhutan.
Online Bhutan Visa Application
We have helped thousands of travelers obtain their Bhutan visa since 2013. Tell us your ideas and get a quick response within 6-8 hours.
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Visa for coming to Bhutan

Guidelines on how to apply for Official visa clearance

(Official Guest of the Ministry)
•Forwarding letter from the head of the Department addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol)
•Notesheet from the concern Ministry
•Filled up Visa application form (need to be filled up by the guests only)
•Passport photocopy of the visitor

(Official Guest of the Non-Governmental Organization)
•Forwarding letter from the Head of Organization.
•Approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
•Filled up visa applications.(need to filled up by the guests only)
•Passport photocopy of the visitor

(Official Guest of the Corporate & Autonomous Agencies)
•Forwarding letter from the Head of Institutions addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol
•Approval Letter from the Chairman.
•Filled up visa application forms(need to be filled up by the guests only)
•Passport photocopy of the guest.

(Official Guest of the Sport Association)
•Forwarding letter from the General Secretary addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol
•Approval Letter from the President
•Filled up visa application form (need to be filled by the guests only)
•Passport photocopy of the visiting guests.

(Long Term Foreign Expatriate’s Guests)
•Forwarding letter from the concern organizations addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol.
•Tenure of Host.(Only long term are allowed to apply)
•The host must complete six months prior to their arrival in the country.
•Filled up personal guest application
•Filled up visa application form
•Passport copy of the visitor as well as the host.
•Dependents of expatriates shall be allowed to join them in Bhutan for a period not exceeding the duration of their assignment.
•Term “Dependents “is defined to include the spouse and children of the expatriates.
•The duration of the stay of the guests do not exceed one month.

(Official Guests of the Private Organizations)
•Forwarding letter from the MoEA.
•Filled up visa applications form
•Passport photocopy of the guests.

•If the Government or any Private organizations wants to employee an foreigner, approval must be sought from Chief Labour Officer, Department of Labour with valid work permit.
•The visa forms can be downloaded from the MoHCA website
•The maximum period of days required for processing visa is two working days; hence all the applications applying for visa should be submitted before two days from the prior date of arrival of the guests.
•The visa clearance from the visa section should be collected only during the afternoon by 2: 00 P.M to 5: 00 P.M.
•Nationals exempt from advance visa to enter Bhutan.
•Bangladeshi, Maldivian & Indian nationals do not require visa while coming to Bhutan.
•Thai and Swiss nationals holding official and diplomatic passports while coming to Bhutan do not require visa. The visa will by stamped upon arrival at the Paro International airport or any other port of entry by Immigration authorities. But those carrying ordinary passports need to process Bhutanese visa in advance. •Gratis Visa
•Only those Officials carrying diplomatic, UN & official passports will be issued gratis visas
•If there is a MoU signed indicating some points about the free charges, then the visiting guests will be issued gratis visas.
•Extension of Visa for the Visiting Guests:
•If the guest has to stay back for more than three days, then the concerned Ministry/Organization etc need to write a letter addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol. The letter must mention the genuine reasons for the extension.
•A copy of earlier visa which was issued by the Immigration.

Common Questions on Bhutan Visa

  • How long can I stay in Bhutan?
    The Bhutan visa, by default, comes with a 7 to 14 days stay in Thimphu and/or Paro. The rest of Bhutan is considered a restricted area, and foreigners need a "Restricted-Area Permit" to enter. Extension of visa is available through the help of your tour operator if the guest has to stay longer, then the concerned Ministry/Organization, etc. need to write a letter addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol.
  • Do Indian citizens need visa to visit Bhutan?
    As mentioned, Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian don’t need a pre-applied visa to enter Bhutan. But all nationals need to bear passports with a minimum of 6 months’ validity before the travel date.
    Especially for Indians, they’re free to enter Bhutan by air or land because of the free movement treaty between Bhutan and India. Any of the following documents are applicable upon entry:
    Indian Passport
    A Voter ID card with photograph
    Identification Slip issued by the Indian Consulate Office in Phuentsholing upon presenting proof of Indian citizenship
    For more information about traveling to Bhutan with Indian Passport, please feel free to contact us.
  • More Visa-free to Bhutan?
    Besides Indian citizens and those who travel to Bhutan with passports from Bangladesh and Maldives, some other people can enjoy the visa-free policy to Bhutan.
    Those Officials carrying diplomatic, UN & official passports will be issued gratis visas, which are free of charge.
    Those who receive a formal invitation to Bhutan from "a citizen of some standing" or a volunteer organization.
    Those who come as guests of the Bhutanese government.
    Thailand and Switzerland nationals holding diplomatic or official/service passport: a non-pre-applied visa with a maximum stay in Bhutan of 90 days will be stamped into their passports at entry.