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Bhutan Hotel

Before travelling to Bhutan, you need to know the hotel that you are going to stay in. Here, we’d like to give you a brief introduction of hotels in Bhutan.

For foreign tourists, there are mainly 4 categories of hotels in Bhutan.

1. A-class hotel, the equivalent to 3-star hotel;

2. B-class hotel, equivalent to the budget hotel;

3. Five Star Hotel. It costs about USD 400 per night;

4. Top five-star hotel. It costs around USD 1,200 per night, excluding the service fee. The wedding of Hong Kong actors Carina Lau and Tony Leung was held at COMO Uma Paro, the most luxurious hotel of this category.

The Bhutanese government forbid foreigners to travel freely in the country. You can only book a tour package with a travel agency.

Despite their small sizes, hotels in Bhutan feature big rooms and complete equipment. Most of the hotels are built with wood and are surrounded with beautiful scenery. All of these can guarantee you a unique experience with the hotel.

We generally provide A-level hotels for our clients. Please feel free to contact us for booking a hotel in Bhutan.