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Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan 5-Star Hotel

Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan 5-Star Hotel

Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan 5-Star Hotel

About Gangtey Lodge-Redefining Luxury

At Gangtey Lodge, the authentic experiences enable you to reconnect with yourselves and your loved ones. In Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley, you can experience the mystery of Gangtey valley. Expecially, during the.late October to mid-March, it is the best time to see the endangered Black-neck cranes that come to roost in the valley. For you journey in Gangtey Lodge, we hope to create treasured moments for you to share with your loved ones, to re-discover yourself, and to return home refreshed and inspired.

How to Get to Gangtey Lodge

International flights arrive and depart from Paro daily. Spend 2-3 nights in Thimpu or Punakha before arriving at Gangtey Lodge before journeying by car or helicopter to Gangtey Lodge.

Paro- Gangtey: 4 Hours direct

Paro- Gangtey: 25min by helicopter with Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services

Thimphu- Gangtey: 3 Hours direct

Punakha - Gangtey: 3 Hours direct

Gangtey - Bumthang: 4.5 Hours direct

Rooms & Suites of Gangtey Lodge

Gangtey Lodge, Hotel Room

Gangtey Lodge, Hotel Room

1. Bhutanese Farmhouse Suites

After a day of adventure and discovery, return to your beautifully designed private oasis – with warm fabrics and earthen tones in true Bhutanese style. Soak in luxury with Sweeping views.

Unwind by the cosy fireplace and soak in our deep roll top baths with sweeping views of the valley below. Enjoy the warmth of underfloor heating beneath your feet. All our suites are identical and have a private bathroom and spacious living area, with interiors reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.

2. The Main Lodge

It is the heart and soul of Gangtey Lodge. The Main Lodge subtly captures the vibrancy of Bhutanese artwork and monastic design. Local artists and masons worked on the murals and carvings reflecting images and landscapes from the valley.

Savor a morning cup of coffee on the spacious outdoor terrace while the valley below you awakens with fresh pine scented air. Sink into our cozy leather sofas, nestled around two huge stone fireplaces, set upon plush hand-woven carpeting for intimate evening time dining and drinks.

Experiences of Gangtey Lodge

Experience around Gangtey Lodge

Experience around Gangtey Lodge

1. Farmouse Visit

Phobjikha Valley is rich in culture and traditions and is home to two main ethnic groups – the Phobjibs and the Gangteps. Today, the people of the valley predominantly farm potatoes, plus wheat, buckwheat, and barley. Visit a traditional farmhouse, immerse yourself in the local community and learn more about their culture and daily lives. Join the family and experience how they make homemade traditional butter and cheese, or help them harvest potatoes and turnips, depending on the season.

USD 30 ++ per person. Kindly advise us at the time of booking, so we may arrange this for you. For our farmhouse visits Gangtey Lodge pays a fee to the family to help supplement their income.

2. Archery and Darts-A complimentary experience

Try your hand at Bhutan’s national sport Dha (archery), which, together with Khuru (darts), are the most popular sports for the Bhutanese. We have several traditional bows and sets of darts available and some very accomplished archers within our team, who are happy to teach you the basics.

3. Bhutanese Traditional Dress-Kira and Gho-A complimentary experience

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Bhutanese is the traditional dress. Men wear the “Gho”, a knee-length robe that is tied at the waist by a traditional belt known as a “Kera”. Women wear the “Kira”, a long, ankle-length dress accompanied by a light outer jacket known as a “Tego”. Wearing a Bhutanese Kira or Gho is a wonderful way to dress up for dinner or to visit the monastery.

4. Cooking Class

At Gangtey Lodge, food has always been key to a greater understanding of the history, customs, and traditions. Join us in exploring and preparing a culinary journey of Bhutan. Perfect to combine with other experiences, collect ingredients such as homemade cheese and butter from a visit to a village house, or join our chefs shopping at the local market. Finally, dine in our Woodshed and enjoy your creations.

USD 35 ++ per person. Kindly advise us on booking so we may coordinate this special event for you.

5. Bhutan Hot-stone Bath

Experience our famous Hot Stone Bath. Hot Stone Baths are an ancient Bhutanese tradition and a popular form of therapeutic practice. The bath itself is made of local pinewood, and the rocks used to heat the water are large boulders collected from a river nearby. It is believed that the heat from the water, the minerals released from the rock, and herbs foraged from the forest all combine to produce an array of medicinal benefits.

From USD 200 ++ per person. Please book at least 3 hours in advance for us to prepare the hot stones Kindly note that Hot Stone Bath and Signature Massage Experience are subject to 100% cancellation charges should they be pre-booked/prepaid and cancelled less than 6 hours in advance. If cancelled before 6 hours, no cancellation charges will be applied.

6.Evening Meditation Class at the Shedra-Complimentary service

The Shedra is an institute where the monks learn about Buddhist philosophy, poetry, logic, meditation and debate. In addition to the regular academic practice and classes for monks, the Shedra provides a meditation class and discussion for our guests, mainly on compassion and shamata (tranquility and calm abiding meditation) by highly qualified lamas, with English or Hindi translations. This meditation practice will help you overcome stress, develop a peaceful mind and to generate kindness.

6. Gangtey Valley Mountain Bike Rides

Take one of our 8 complimentary mountain bikes to visit traditional villages and far-flung monasteries throughout the valley. There are numerous village roads and tracks for mountain bike riding, which range from easy to strenuous, including the lung-busting climb to the top of the Lawa Pass for the more adventurous. Please advise us 4 hours ahead, so we may arrange this for you.

7. Gangtey Valley Hikes

Gangtey valley is one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan for hiking. Immerse yourself in the pristine surroundings of our Valley by hiking ancient trails through blue pine forests or meander past the crane roosting grounds on the valley floor to visit our neighbours. There are numerous trails and more strenuous hikes, suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.

5 keys to wellbeing in Gangtey Lodge

Enriching Culture around Gangtey Lodge

Enriching Culture around Gangtey Lodge

Gangtey Lodge focus on the 5 keys to wellbeing by immersing you into the culture and natural environment of the Valley. From spiritual blessings and community engagement to physical and mental rejuvenation, our authentic experiences enable you to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

1. Immerse yourself in Nature

Immersion in nature is proven to be emotionally and physically beneficial to our wellbeing. Our pristine valley boasts an array of paths and ancient trails that meander through dense pine forests, open meadows, traditional villages and crane roosting grounds. Our nature experiences cater to all fitness levels and age groups.

2. Relaxing Wellness

After a day of immersion in our beautiful valley, unwind with a relaxing in-suite fireside massage. Finish the day with a traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath or our selection of bath and spa treatments.

3. Enlightening Spiritual

Our Spiritual Experiences help support the 17th century Gangtey Geonpa (Monastary) and Shedra (Buddhist College), both a short walk away.Through these venerable institutions find spiritual enrichment and delve into ancient traditions, which are an integral part of the local community.

4. Learn about Gastronomy Dinning

From intimate Bhutanese dinners in our cosy Woodshed to outdoor picnics with dramatic backdrops, our dining experiences promise to introduce you to the exotic flavours of Bhutan as part of your cultural immersion into Gangtey Valley.

5. Enriching Culture

Phobjikha (Gangtey) Valley is rich in culture and customs, its origins shrouded in myths and legends passed down through the ages in the oral tradition. Today, the people of the valley predominantly farm potatoes, plus wheat, buckwheat, and barley. Visit the Phobjibs, who speak Nyenkha, an ancient language, and the Gangteps, who reside in the valley below the monastery and served the lamas in ancient times. Hike to a traditional farmhouse where you will be able to immerse yourself in the local community and learn more about their culture.

Dinning in Gangtey Lodge

Dinning in Gangtey Lodge

Dinning in Gangtey Lodge

Explore new and exotic flavours on Bhutanese menu or find comfort in old favourites. Regional cuisines inspire their creative menus. The chefs delight in tailoring dishes to individual tastes. The Gangtey Lodge team is experienced in creating delicious, creative dishes that are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and practiced at following the special rules for preparing kosher meals. Due to our remote location, please let us know of your needs at the time of booking, so that they may prepare. They would be delighted to create dishes especially for you. For vegetarian dishes, Gangtey Lodge focus on healthy dishes that are seasonal and comforting, many of which are vegetarian. Choose from Bhutanese, regional or classic home-style western favourites to make you feel at home.

1. Breakfast/Lunch and Blessing at the 17th Century Gangtey Goenpa(Monastery)

Celebrate a special occasion with a Tshewang prayer at the 17th century Gangtey Geonpa. Your experience starts when you are escorted from the lodge to the Monastery to participate with the monks and lamas in the Thsewang Prayer, for personal empowerment, wish fulfillment and a healthy life. This 30 minute prayer includes the lighting of butter lamps and concludes with a personal blessing from the Tulku, (a reincarnated Master) as well as an exclusive tour of the Monastery. Afterwards, enjoy an exceptional private breakfast or lunch experience within the monastery.

USD 115++ per breakfast & blessing (for two people); USD 155 ++per lunch & blessing (for two people);

Gangtey Lodge donates USD 80 to the Monastery for all breakfast or lunch and blessing experiences. Kindly advise us at the time of booking, so we may arrange this for you.

2. Gangtey 360 Hike & Picnic

Take the breathtaking “Gangtey 360°”, a 30-40 that begins a 15-minute drive from the lodge. Hike up towards the meditation cliff at 3,400m through towering bushes of jade-hued bamboo. When you reach the top, be rewarded with unobstructed views of Gangtey Valley far below and Himalayan peaks to the North. Celebrate with a breakfast or lunch with spectacular views before taking a gentle hour-long walk back down to the lodge.

USD 220++ per breakfast/lunch setup (for two people); Kindly advise us on booking so we may coordinate this special event for you.

3. Woodshed Dining Experience

For an intimate and highly personalized dining experience, our cosy and traditional Woodshed is a step below our main lodge, with sweeping views over the valley. Allow us to arrange a lazy late morning brunch or an atmospheric candlelit dinner by the warm Bukhari to reignite the romance in your life as you gaze upon the star-studded sky.

USD 65++ per person – Brunch;USD 110++ per person – Dinner

Kindly advise us at the time of booking, so we may arrange this for you. Kindly note that the Woodshed Brunch Experience is subject to a 100% cancellation charge should they be pre-booked/prepaid and cancelled on the event day. If cancelled by 8.00 pm on the day preceding the event, no cancellation fee will be applied. Kindly note that the Woodshed Dining Experience is subject to a 50% cancellation charge should they be pre-booked/prepaid and cancelled by 12.00 noon on event day. They are subject to a 100% cancellation charge should they be pre-booked/prepaid and cancelled after 12.00, noon on the event day.

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