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Bhutan Festival Tours

As a religious kingdom, Bhutan tourism features its unique religious festival tours, which attract thousands of tourists annually. The Tshechu Festival is the most important festival in Bhutan. Bhutanese people celebrate this festival in memory of Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan. The time of the Tshechu Festival varies in different areas of Bhutan. Local monks and villagers transform into dancers and singers during the festival, and they even invite tourists to dance together.

Besides the Tshechu Festival, there are some other intriguing local festivals, such as the Haa Summer festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival, Black Necked Crane Festival, Druk Wangyel Festival, Punakha Talo Festival, Bumthang Domkhar Festival, and Ura Yakchoe Festival. Feel free to let us know if you want to celebrate these festivals with local people.

Bhutan Thimphu Tshechu Festival Tour 7Days
6 Nights 7 DaysTour Code:BTF003
Join the Tshechu Festival in Thimphu and visit other highlights of Bhutan in Paro and Punakha.
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Bhutan Paro Tshechu Festival Tour 7Days
6 Nights 7 DaysTour Code:BTF002
Enjoy the celebration for the Tshechu Festival in Paro, and visit place of interest in Thimphu and Punakha.
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Bhutan Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival Tour 9Days
8 Nights 9 DaysTour Code:BTF004
Pay a visit to the Drup Festival (Oct. 17 to 21 in 2024) in Jambay Lhakhang, and explore more in Paro, Punakha, Thimphu, and Bumthang.
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Bhutan Haa Summer Festival Tour 10Days
9 Nights 10 DaysTour Code:BTF005
2024 Celebrate the Haa Summer Festival between 12 to 14 July and visit other natural and cultural highlights of Bhutan.
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Black Necked Crane Festival Tour in Bhutan 11Days
10 Nights 11 DaysTour Code:BTF006
Learn about more about the Black Necked Crane by celebrating the festival named after the lovely animal with local monks and children.
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Bhutan Druk Wangyel Festival Tour 5Days
4 Nights 5 DaysTour Code:BTF001
Celebrate the Druk Wangyel Festival, which falls on December 13th every year, at the charming Dochula Pass.
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Bhutan Festival Tours FAQ

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  • 1. Why do Bhutanese people celebrate the Tshechu Festival? faq

    There are two reasons:

    1. Local people believe Tshechu Festival is the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, who introduce Buddhism to Bhutan.
    2. Local people wash away their sins by celebrating the Tshechu Festival
  • 2. Which Tshechu is the most magnificent in Bhutan? faq

    The Thimphu Tshechu, held in September or October, is the most magnificent Tshechu Festival in Bhutan. Both the King and Chief Abbot of Bhutan will attend this 3-day festival in Thimphu.

  • 3. How many festivals are there in Bhutan? faq

    It said that there are over 150 festivals in Bhutan. What is the major festival of Bhutan? Here is a festival list for you: Punakha Drubchen, Tharpaling Thongdrol, Gomphukora, Rhododendron Festival, Chhorten Kora, Ura Yakchoe, Haa Summer Festival, Mushroom Festival, Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle Race), Thimphu Drubchen, Thangbi Mani, Jhomolhari Mountain Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, Prakhar Duchhoed, Black Necked Crane Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Singye Cham.

    Sure we will never miss the Tshechu Festivals in Bhutan, almost each month there will be Tshechu Festival in different district. It is highly recommend with Punakha Tshechu, Zhemgang Tshechu, Gasa Tshechu, Talo Tshechu, Paro Tshechu, Domkhar Tshechu, Nimalung Tshechu,Kurjey Tshechu, Wangdue Tshechu, Tamshing Phala Chhoepa, Thimphu Tshechu, Gangtey Tshechu, Jakar Tshechu, Chhukha Tshechu, Dechenphu Tshechu,Mongar Tshechu, Trashigang Tshechu, Pemagatshel Tshechu, Nalakhar Tshechu, Druk Wangyel Tshechu, Lhuentse Tshechu, and Trongsa Tshechu.

    Visiting Bhutan during its Festival Dates is a great bonus to your Bhutan trip. Join the Bhutanese celebration, enjoy the unique Bhutan culture, and intermingle with the Bhutanese people.

  • 4. How can I add Bhutan festivals to my trip? faq

    There are so many Bhutanese festivals hosted in Bhutan throughout the year. You should not miss its festivals known for their magnificence, liveliness, and cheerfulness, though festival days could mean the busiest time of the year. Here are guidelines for when to add festivals to your Bhutan trip:

    1. In spring, you can welcome festivals like Paro Tsechu, Ura Takchoe, Punakha Dromchoe, Chorten Kora, Gom Kora, and Gasa Tsechu in different regions of Bhutan.

    2. In autumn, you can get a chance to witness the Thimphu Tsechu, Trashigang Tsechu, Jampey Lhakhang Drup, Haa Tsechu, Tamshing Phala Choepa, Jampey Lhakhang Drup, Prakhar Tsechu, Black Necked Crane Festival, Mongar Tsechu, and Royal Highlander Festival.

    3. In winter, it is known to host some festivals and ceremonies like Lhosar, Nomad's Festival, Druk Wangyel Tsechu, Lhuntse Tsechu, Trongsa Tsechu, and Trashi Yangtse Tsechu.

    4. In summer, there is Haa Summer Festival held in Haa Valley, it is a celebration of traditional Bhutanese culture, sports, and religion.

    Check the Bhutan Festival Calendar from Tourism Council of Bhutan:
    Bhutan Tentative Festival & Events Dates 2022
    Bhutan Tentative Festival & Events Dates 2023

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