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Bhutan Trekking Tours

The Bhutan Kingdom is located in the southern part of Mount Everest. The mountains in Bhutan, which offer postcard-worthy sceneries, are home to countless historical monasteries. Most of our customers admire sceneries and learn about Bhutanese culture and history by hiking to those monasteries. Most of our customers told us it is unbelievable to trek on the Himalayan Mountain Range in Bhutan. You will feel so close to the sky when trekking to the highest mountain in the world. The mountain does not only offer trekkers splendid views but also huge power, which could help you overcome huge difficulties in the future.

Both easy and professional Bhutan trek tour packages are listed below. If you are a new trekker, it is good to take a 5-day trek on mountains whose altitudes are only around 2,000 meters. If you have experience trekking on giant mountains that stand nearly 5,000 meters above sea level, we also have a professional team to help you fulfill your dream. Just let us know your idea and we will arrange everything for you.

Bhutan Bumdra Trek 5Days
4 Nights 5 DaysTour Code:BTT001
Join in this Sang Choekhor to Taktsang Monastery Hiking Tour to take leisure hike and visit the highlights in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro.
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Bhutan Druk Path Trek 9Days
8 Nights 9 DaysTour Code:BTT003
Challenge yourself by taking this Ta Dzong to Motithang Trekking Challenge Tour, which will take you to the 4000-meter-high mountain for trek.
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Bhutan Dagala Thousand Lake Trek 11Days
10 Nights 11 DaysTour Code:BTT004
City sightseeing, fishing on a plateau lake and trekking from Genekha to Chamgang with beautiful mountain paths are all included.
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Bhutan Jomolhari Dodena Trekking Tour 12Days
11 Nights 12 DaysTour Code:BTT005
Trek and take a sightseeing on the mountains in Bhutan by booking the Sharna Zampa to Dodena Trekking Tour.
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Merak Sakten Trek in Eastern Bhutan 14Days
13 Nights 14 DaysTour Code:BTT006
Admire the most views of mountains, valleys and rivers in Bhutan and communicate with local villagers by Chaling to Thakthi Trekking Tour.
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Bhutan Trekking Tours FAQ

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  • 1. Do you have any suggestions for trekking in Bhutan? faq

    Most trekking routes are located on the mountains, whose altitudes are between 2000 meters and 4800 meters. The suggestions for trekking on plateau area include:

    Walk slowly. Absolutely can’t run!
    Drink enough water
    Keep warm and avoid getting burnt and catching a cold
    Your pack list should include comfortable mountaineering boots and socks, sunbonnets, sunglasses, thick coats and thermals and alpenstocks

  • 2. When is the best time to trek in Bhutan? faq

    The best times to trek in Bhutan are March to May and September to middle November, in another word, the best seasons to trek in Bhutan are spring and autumn. Although the temperature drops to around -10 degrees Centigrade at night, the daytime is very warm. All trekking activities take place during daytime, when the temperature is around 20 degrees Centigrade.

  • 3. How many of your staff will trek with us in Bhutan? faq

    At least, there will be a trekking guide, a cook and several porters and their horses to serve you during the trek. The exact number depends on the size of your group.

    The porters and their horses will be responsible for carrying your luggage and pitching tents for you to stay overnight. Your luggage will be put into waterproof bags. What you need to do is only carrying some private belongings during trekking.

  • 4. What about the food during trek in Bhutan? faq

    You do not have eat dry food during trek. All the ingredients will be purchased in the local markets before the start of your trek. Your trekking staff can also get fresh ingredients in the villages you will trek past.

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