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Bhutan Travel Guide

Although Bhutan is a small country, it is also the happiest country in the world. If you travel to Bhutan, you will find lots of amazing things. For example, there was no television in Bhutan until 1998. Most citizens of Bhutan speak fluent English. And, there is no traffic light in Bhutan.

Most tourist attractions in Bhutan are located on high mountains, where are not accessible by car, so tourists have to take a leisure hike to reach those attractions. Your tour guide will find the best hiking routes for you. There are also top-level trekking routes for those professional trekkers who want to march over 20 kilometers a day on giant mountains.

Food is an indispensable part for a travel guide of Bhutan. Although most Bhutanese people are peaceful Buddhists, they like add strong chili in their food. The Chili Cheese is one of the must-eat foods in Bhutan. Most our customers will try it when travel to Bhutan.

In a word, Bhutan is a kingdom full of surprises. We are always ready to explore it with you!