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How to successfully apply for Bhutan Visa in 2023/2024?

Is Bhutan worth visiting in 2023/2024?

Bhutan is a country full of mystery and mysticism, full of amazing Dzongs, temples, and holy places, as well as tourist attractions that will amaze you. Many of the sights you can see tell the unique history of this ancient kingdom and show you more about the culture and people of Bhutan. Bhutan, once a secluded country, is now a popular tourist destination with a focus on high value, low traffic.

To visit Bhutan, you need to arrange the entire itinerary with a travel agency, who will help you decide on the itinerary, book the itinerary, arrange visas and permits, and provide tour guides, private cars, and drivers for the entire itinerary. Visitors to Bhutan are not allowed to travel alone, so a guide will be there to help you get to know this beautiful country better.

Visa Questions for Bhutan Tourists

A Bhutan visa is an essential travel document for all international tourists traveling to Bhutan, except for citizens from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. Similar to Tibet, Bhutan requires all tourists to have a registered tour guide and private car, and all travel must be arranged through an approved travel agency.

Note: Now it is OK to do a solo travel to Bhutan. But it still has strict rules for entering and leaving Bhutan. In addition to a visa to Bhutan, other travel documents are required to travel to Bhutan, such as road passes for restricted areas and entry passes for some temples. To help you with your trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan, we are here to provide the ultimate Bhutan visa guide, if you need more details, keep reading this article.

Apply Bhutan tourist visa in 2022

Apply Bhutan tourist visa in 2022

Bhutan visa application requirements

1. Indian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Bhutan by air or land.

2. For Bangladeshi citizens and Maldivians, do not need a visa to enter Bhutan. But they need to provide a valid Bangladeshi passport or Maldivian passport with at least six months of validity from the date of entry.

3. For travelers from other countries, need to complete the full payment for the booked tour of Bhutan and provide a scanned copy of their passport, which is valid for at least six months.

A Bhutan visa is required for all international visitors to Bhutan, except those traveling to Bhutan with Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian passports. Unlike visas from most countries, Bhutan visas can only be applied online. Even you can find a Bhutanese consulate or embassy. If so, they do not provide visa services. There is no other way to apply for a Bhutan visa than through a local travel agency or one of its international partners who offer you the full range of travel services in Bhutan.

Over the past decades, we at BhutanTrip have successfully obtained Bhutan visas with our partners in Bhutan. We offer all kinds of tours in Bhutan as well as Bhutan visa applications. To figure out these puzzling things, we will provide the ultimate guide to getting a Bhutan visa online.

Passport Requirements for Bhutan Visa Application

Your passport is the most important document you need to carry with you and you should make sure that your passport has more than six months of validity before booking a tour of Bhutan. Many countries in Asia will refuse to issue visas for expiring passports, and Bhutan is very strict with these rules.

Your passport should always be kept secure as only Indian nationals can get a replacement passport in Bhutan. For all other nationalities, you will be required to travel "stateless" to a country that will allow you to use your embassy or consulate to replace your passport. In the event of such an incident, it is advisable to carry another form of identification along with a copy of your passport with you.

Passport Requirements for Citizens of Bhutan's Neighboring Countries

Holders of Indian and Bangladeshi passports can enjoy Bhutan's visa-free policy. Diplomatic or official/official passport holders from Thailand can also enter Bhutan visa-free. However, a valid passport of at least six months from the date of entry is required.For tourists from other Asian countries, it is necessary to apply for a Bhutan visa in advance.

Bhutan neighboring country visa

Only five countries offer direct flights to Bhutan, including India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, and Bangladesh. Of these, only India has a border with Bhutan, which means that if you want to reach Bhutan by land, you have to start in India. Since you will need to arrive in Bhutan from one of these countries, no matter where you start your journey, you may also need to apply for a transit visa for a third country's standard tourist visa.

Nepal Visa

Additional visa for Nepal-Bhutan tourism

When traveling from Bhutan to neighboring countries, a visa on arrival can only be obtained in Nepal. When landing at Tribhuvan International Airport, you can apply for a visa at the immigration counter inside the airport before continuing to the rest of the country. If you plan to visit soon, you can also get a visa for Nepal from most of its foreign embassies and consulates. If you are entering Nepal on your way to Bhutan and then returning to Kathmandu, you can get a multiple entry visa on your first visit so you don't need to apply again when you come back.

Indian Visa

Additional visa for India-Bhutan tourism

For trip to India, nationals of most countries require a visa to visit, and if you are one of them, you should obtain a visa in your home country before leaving as it is very complicated to obtain a visa while traveling. Getting an Indian entry visa from the embassy in your country is very simple and only takes a few days. If you have a confirmed flight from India and can show your ticket, you will be able to get a three-day permit. If not, you will need to pay your embassy in India so they can fax it to the Indian embassy in your country to get the visa. Processing in this way can take up to three weeks.

Passport Requirements for European Visitors

Only holders of diplomatic or official/official passports from Switzerland can enter Bhutan visa-free for a travel period of up to 90 days. Citizens from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and other European countries need to apply for a Bhutan visa with a valid passport before they can travel. As there are no direct flights from Europe to Bhutan. You may also need to apply for a transit visa for a third country.
US passport

US passport

Passport Requirements for US and Canadian Visitors

Both US passport holders and Canadian citizens need to apply for a Bhutan visa before going. Visitors may also require a visa from the country they will be entering Bhutan as there are no direct flights from mainland North America to Bhutan. Bhutan requires a visa. In fact, U.S. passport holders can visit Thailand and Singapore without a visa. And Canadian passport holders can visit Bangladesh and Singapore without a visa. So if you go to Bhutan through these two countries, you don't need a transit visa either.

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