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Bhutan Weather in Summer

Bhutan Weather in Summer

Bhutan weather from June to August

Bhutan in summer is not hot with an average temperature being 18 - 30°C. That, coupled with a forest coverage rate of 74%, contributes to the cool summer in Bhutan.

However, June-August is the rainy season in Bhutan. It sometimes rains in the morning and evening, but sometimes it rains for all day. About one-third of the time in summer is rainy days. The abundant rainfall also leads to some unique projects in summer such as rafting and kayaking.

Highlights in Bhutan's summer

There are far fewer tourists in summer than in spring and autumn. However, the slack season also attracts people who enjoy rainy days and who prefer solitude. Though it is the rainy season, sunny days are also not rare.

And even in the rainy days, you can still visit the famous Trashi Chhoe Dzong, Rinpung Dzong and other cultural sites. If you are lucky enough, you may see the rainbows after the rain. Moreover, as vegetables and fruits grow ripe during the season, you are able to taste more traditional Bhutanese cuisines.

Summer is also a good time for rafting and kayaking in Bhutan.

Dressing advice in summer

The main tourist areas in Bhutan are located in the central and western parts of the country. Therefore, though it is bordered by China’s Tibet, the ultraviolet rays there are not strong and tourists will not get altitude sickness.

Short-sleeved T-shirts and long trousers are appropriate dressing in summer. And sunscreen cream and rain gears are also necessary.

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