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National Anthem of Bhutan

National Anthem of Bhutan

Druk Tsendhen is the national anthem of Bhutan. Adopted in 1953, the music is by Aku Tongmi and the words are by Venerable Dorji Lopen Dolop Droep Namgay of Talo, Punakha; possibly translated into English by Dasho Gyaldun Thinley. The anthem reflects the way Bhutanese treat their own country. All the lines show their strong aspiration for a thriving mother land, their deeply love for the country, their wishes for peace and happiness and their pursuit to a better life. The anthem is influenced by the local religious music style. Interestingly, there is also a dance to perform the song. This is perhaps the only anthem in the world that can be performed by a dance.


  • Druk cenden koipi gyelkhap na
  • Pel loog nig tensi chongwai gyon
  • Druk gyelpo ngadhak rinpoche
  • Ku jurmei tenching chhap cid pel
  • Chho sangye tenpa darshing gyel
  • Bang deikyed nyima shar warr sho.

English translation

  • In the Kingdom of Bhutan adorned with cypress trees,
  • The Protector who reigns over the realm of spiritual and secular traditions,
  • He is the King of Bhutan, the precious sovereign.
  • May His being remain unchanging, and the Kingdom prosper,
  • May the teachings of the Enlightened One flourish,
  • May the sun of peace and happiness shine over all people.

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