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Bhutan Weather in Winter

Bhutan Weather in Winter

Bhutan weather from December to February

In winter, it is cold and snows often, especially in mountainous areas with higher altitudes. But in the major tourist areas, the weather is not that cold and there are many sunny days. In this season, you can have a unique view of the snow-capped mountains.

Highlights in Bhutan's winter

Visiting Bhutan in winter mainly features snowy scenery. Bhutan sees the fewer visitors in winter than in any other seasons. If you choose to visit there in winter, you can save much money compared with the peak seasons.

Like the golden yellow in autumn, white in winter dominates the country. Even Paro, Thimphu and other low-altitude areas are covered by snow.

In addition, Punakha Tshechu falls in every February.

Dressing advice in winter

Dressing yourself warmly is the top priority when travelling to Bhutan in winter. The temperature in Bhutan in winter is similar to that in Shanghai, China. It is recommended to wear warm long coats, fleece jackets and down jackets.

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