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2024 Bhutan Visa Online Application Guide

How to get visa for Bhutan in 2024?

Since 23rd September of 2022, you can apply for Bhutan Visa through its Online Application system. You can log in and fill in your information to apply for your Bhutan e-visa. You can save your application at any time and return to complete it at a later date. Once submitted, it will be reviewed within five working days.

Here are 4 steps to follow when you apply for your Bhutan e-visa:

1. Sign our Pledge of Friendship, thus committing to protecting, preserving, and positively contributing to Bhutan kingdom

2. Create an account on the online system for Bhutan e-visa

3. Add your travel information

4. Pay for your visa application and the SDF fee for your planned stay

Here are 4 steps to fill the files of the Bhutan E-Visa Online Application:

1. Application Information (Add Tour Data)

2. Individual Information (Upload Documents with Passport, Hotel Booking)

3. Process Payment (Pay Visa Fee + Sustainable Development Fee).

4. Submit Visa Application (Receive Email Notification)

Check the PDF for screenshots of the Bhutan Visa Online Application Process
Bhutan e-Visa online apply steps in 2023.pdf

Here are the 5 documents needed to apply for a Bhutan e-visa online:

1. A digital copy of a valid passport

2. A recent digital passport photo

3. Arrival and departure dates

4. Valid travel insurance for the duration of your travel

5. Payment details


1. As part of the visa application process, you will be required to pay the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) of US$200 per day. A non-refundable, one-off visa application fee of US$40 is also payable.

2. All visitors require a visa before traveling to Bhutan (except those from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives).

3. You can apply online for a visa by completing an application form, or you can find a tour operator like us to apply on your behalf.

4. You can apply for a visa lasting a maximum of 90 days.

What is the Photograph Requirements for Bhutan E-visa 2024?

Your passport application must be affixed with a recent passport photograph (not more than six months old). The size of the photograph should be 45 mm x 35 mm with your facial image taking up 70 to 80 % of the photograph, taken with a white background and without border.

The photograph must:

1. Show you looking directly at the camera. No looking over one shoulder (portrait style).

2. Show eyes open and clearly visible. If you wear glasses there should be no flash reflection, no tinted lenses and the frames should not cover any part of your eyes.

3. Be in sharp focus and clear – no shadows.

4. Be of high quality with no ink marks or creases. Photographs taken with a digital camera must be printed on photo-quality paper.

5. Be clean with no smudge marks.

6. Be glued and not stapled or pinned to the application form.

Your passport photograph is the primary form of identification and following these minimum ICAO standards would facilitate proper identification at immigration checks while avoiding the need for the Passport Section to ask you to resubmit your photograph.

the Photograph Requirements for Bhutan E-visa 2023

The Photograph Requirements for Bhutan E-visa 2023

PHOTO OK: (Background white,and facial image covering around 70% of the photograph)

PHOTO NOT OK: (Background not white,frame of glass over the eyes and facial image small)

What is the Bhutan e-visa look like in 2024?

Here is a Bhutan e-visa from our group for your reference:

Bhutan e-visa 2023

Bhutan e-visa 2024

Important Infomation from Bhutan Issuing Authority Department of Immigration: The e-Visa is a prior clearence and does not guarantee the right to entry or stay in the Kingdom od Bhutan. Admission into the Kingdom will be determined by Immigration Officiers at the port of entry. Please ensure that you travel with the passport stated in the e-visa. If you intend to use a different passport, you must apply for a new e-Visa dearclance.

Tips from Asia Odyssey Travel: Do print your Bhutan e-Visa clearance letter out in advance, as it is needed to check in at the airport. Any passengers without a valid visa clearance letter will be denied at the check-in counter.

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