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Bhutan Drifting

Bhutan Drifting

Holding many river valleys, with some being very rough, Bhutan has embraced river rafting and tourists have been flocking to the impressive rivers. With many of the rivers being very steep and unsuitable for tourist water rafting. Only a few of the beautiful rivers are considered safe rivers with immense white-water rafting possibilities opening to the public.

It is a great experience, with travelers crashing through turbulent rapids and massive waves all the while laughing and screaming. The Punakha Valley holds some of the lower level gentler rapids, being level 1 and 2, of the Mp Chhu (Mother River) or take on the more challenging Pho Chhu (Father River) with grade 4 rapids. The best time for rafting in Bhutan is in March, April, November and December. Because from May to October the river swells from an excess of water, and there is not enough water from January to February. Rafting pasts many of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world can be breathtaking. These include the Punakha Dzong, a 17th century monastery that sits on the banks of the Mo Chhu. It is impossible to not have fun while riding these amazing rivers.

You don’t need any experience. As long as you don’t care being wet, you can have the amazing experience of riding on the white rivers.

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