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Wedding in Bhutan

For Bhutanese people, the wedding ceremony is not a simple exchange of vows and rings but a whole set of religious rituals performed by Buddhist monks and lamas, which is believed to tie the bond between husband and wife as well as bless the couples a lifetime of love and happiness.

Getting married in Bhutan is a unique experience for the new couple. More and more people choose to hold their weddings in the romantic country after the famous actor Tony Leung and his wife Carina Lau got married there.

Some may think that getting married in Bhutan is just a distant dream. But with us, you can achieve that dream and take no trouble. We can get all thoughtfully planned and guarantee you a perfect wedding in Bhutan.

There are two forms of wedding you can choose. One is a regular and simple wedding. There will be a simple blessing ceremony by the monks or lamas. And then the bride and groom can exchange Hada or rings. After that, a simple lunch or dinner will be held. Such wedding will not cost much, and compared with a normal tour to Bhutan, you will only pay extra expenditure on the ceremony and the dinner party.

The other costs more. You can firstly tell us your requirements for the wedding, and we will work to meet all your needs, whether it be the luxury hotel, the high-ranking religious ceremony, or the local customs with Bhutanese characteristics, honeymoon trip and etc.

If you have been longing for a romantic wedding in Bhutan, get in touch with us! Hesitation will do no help. We can arrange you the unforgettable wedding and the perfect honeymoon trip.

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