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Best time to travel to Bhutan

The best time to visit Bhutan is generally considered to be either in the spring, between March and May, or in the autumn from September to November. During these months the weather tends to be pleasantly dry and mild, and the scenery is at its most glorious.

Weather overview

Though it is in the subtropical zone, Bhutan features greatly different climates in different places due to its terrain of varied altitudes and Indian Ocean warm and humid monsoon airflow.

Most of the population chooses to live in Central Bhutan, which is characterized by dense, tropical forest and a relatively stable climate all year round, with cool summers and mild winters.

Precipitation varies in places with different altitudes. The north sees an average of just 40mm annually, most of which is snow. The temperate center and highlands receive around 1,000mm of rainfall every year, ideal for rice-growing in the Punakha Valley, while in the south it is a lot wetter, averaging around 7,800mm.

Bhutan features four distinct seasons, with annual monsoons sweeping up from India and typically running concurrent with summer and early autumn.

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